The Cornish Crab Company and Rowse Fishing use Static Gear – Pots and Creels Ink Well Pot – Parlour Pot

Potting or creeling uses small cages or baskets to capture crabs, lobsters. Pots differ in shape, size and construction materials, according to the target species and local practices. The pots are baited and set on the seabed singly or in strings attached to buoys, which act as location markers and support for the recovery lines. Vessels need to have a large open deck area to enable them to carry large numbers of pots.

All of the vessels are fitted with creel haulers which are designed to take the main rope, with pots lifted clear as they pass the winch. The pots are then left to soak and are usually raised each day or every other day, to allow the catch to be removed and fresh bait set. Their construction varies, but typically will be of plastic piping frames

with a netting cover and plastic ‘bucket’ entrance with a heavy plastic matrix base. The stanchions, base and top area are protected with either rope or old car tyre. A bait band formed by a rubber cross section of car inner tube is placed around the outside wall of the entry bucket, where portions of bait are held in place away from the outside walls of the pot.


SKIPPER: Alan Nudd

Steven Hearn | Maris Kirsteins | Marcis Zalepskis | Robert Opalais | Igors Kiruhims | Elvis Spila | Alex Scepins

The Intuition TO40 - Information

The Intuition T040, built by our company in 1996, the ‘Intuition’ is a GRP (fibre glass) vessel and the largest of our fleet at 18 meters.This vessel is fully shelter decked providing a safe and comfortable working platform for our crew. The Intuition is an offshore vessel and will be at sea for 5-6 days at a time before returning to port to land the catch.

Vessel Name: Intuition – T040
Built: 1996
Construction: GRP
Registered Length: 16.4
Tonnage: 108
Gear Type: Static -creels, parlour pots and inkwell pots
The Catch: Brown Crab, Spider crab and European Lobster
Fishing Area: VII
Number of Crew: 5


SKIPPER: Mario Perry 

Juris Liepins | Janis Ruttenbergs | Arvis Nieja | Krist Smilsarays | Tom Dudo | Edgar Ruttenbergs | Juris Serebrenikovs

The Harriet- Eve TO50- Information

The Harriet – Eve T050 she is the most recent addition to our fleet, a 15 meter steel sheltered decked crabbing vessel built in 2017 by C.Toms of Polruan. Designed by Mc Duff Shipyard.

Harriet Eve-TO50
Construction: Steel
Registered Length: 14.97
Tonnage: 43.29
Gear type: Static- creels, parlour pots and inkwell pots
The catch: Brown crab, Spider crab and European Lobster
Fishing Area: VII
Skipper: Mario Perry
Number of crew: 5


SKIPPER: Raymond

Eric Spude | Adam Parker | Frank Essuman | John Arthur | Jo Bentum

Emma Louise TO60- Information

The Emma-Louise T060 is the most modern of our fleet, a 16 meter steel, shelter decked vessel, designed for and built by our company in 2012. Emma Louise was specifically designed with emissions and fuel economy in mind, the shape of her hull dramatically reduces fuel consumption and emissions. This vessel is an offshore vessel and will spend 3-4 days at sea before landing the catch.

Vessel Name:  Emma Louise- TO60
Built: 2013
Construction: Steel<
Registered Length: 16.4 metres
Tonnage: 106
Gear type: Static- creels, parlour pots and inkwell pots
The catch: Brown crab, Spider crab and European Lobster
Fishing Area: VII
Number of crew: 5


SKIPPER: David Mckay

Andrej Krivcovs | Edgars Ruttenbergs | Vitalijs Lukesevics | Sergey Mahotins | Alex Paucs

Nimrod TO30 - Information

MFV Nimrod was built by C. Toms and Sons, Polruan, Cornwall in 2009.

The vessel was purchased by Rowse Fishing in August 2017 and underwent an extensive refit, entering into service in July 2018.

This vessel is named after Emma’s grandfather, Nimrod Bawden, who served his time as a Shipwright in Newlyn and also a Mechanic for the Penlee Lifeboat.


Port letters and numbers- TO30

Official number- C19444

Call Sign- 2EY16

Registration port- Truro

Construction Material- Steel

Gross Tonnage- 32.00

Registered length- 14.15

Year of build- 2009


For more information about the fleet or any general enquiries please get in touch with The Real Cornish Crab Company.