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Responsible Fishing

Responsible Fishing Scheme

All of our vessels are members of the RFS and other organisations that contribute to sustainable and traceable fishing practices. The responsible fishing scheme champions best fishing practices and sustainable fisheries. The RFS scheme ensures Skippers and crew are aware of all vessel working practices from gear maintenance, training, catch handling and traceability to the general cleaning routines of the vessels.

The Real Cornish Crab Company

is able to ensure a supply of fresh, high quality sustainable shellfish throughout the year. The vessels of Rowse Fishing Ltd operate in the south west approaches off the coast Cornwall. All of the fleet are all based in the port of Newlyn.

We Also Work WIth

We have also, worked closely with CEFAS. Allowing them to use one of our vessels for the catch and release of tagged crabs into the Western Approaches, returning tagged crab data to them on weekly basis from all of our vessels. Recently we have put ourselves forward to work alongside CEFAS again, to assist in a brown crab stock assessment within western waters. Crab sampling is ongoing on a weekly basis with CEFAS.

Cornwall Good Seafood Guide

The aim of the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide is to provide clear and accurate information to help consumers make environmentally informed decisions.   The Cornish fishing industry is well managed and highly regulated.  Our fleet had reduced significantly over the last 20 years, and this combined with improved stock management at an international level has resulted in an industry that is more sustainable than ever.

More about the Organisations we work with

Seafood Cornwall


Seafood Cornwall Training Ltd. is based in Newlyn at the heart of Cornwall’s Fishing Industry, having opened its doors to fishermen, and onshore workers from across the county and the Isles of Scilly in January 2009. This event marked the start of locally delivered training for the Cornish Fish Industry.  The organisation was set up as a not for profit limited company by industry representatives to provide an ongoing resource and training centre following the success of the Cornwall Fisheries Resource Centre Project 2004-2008.


The aim of the Association of Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities (The Association) is to assist and promote the regional IFCAs to ensure that the authorities develop a leading and effective national role in fisheries and conservation management in line with the IFCA vision. In order to achieve this the A-IFCA will:

Engage with the regional IFCA Officers and members

Engage with Statutory bodies

Promote the work of the IFCAs

Engage with the media

Engage with other influential bodies such as the Non

Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

Green Fishers Trust


  • The Green Fishers Trust
  • also help in all these area.
  • Sustainable harvest of target species
  • Involved in local fisheries management
  • Minimise discards
  • Help protect endangered, threatened and protected species
  • Sustainability certification of catch
  • Marine resource enhancement, restocking
  • Control of invasive species
  • Minimise effect on marine habitat structure
  • Mapping of sensitive habitats
  • Habitat creation or protection
  • Propose fisheries closed areas
  • Manage fisheries closed area
  • Measures to reduce use and waste
  • Collection and landing of rubbish found at sea
  • Clean up after pollution events
  • Work as local fisheries expert / consultant / education resource person
  • Other environmental initiative


ACRUNET – Atlantic Crab Resource Users Transnational Network

The aim of the project is to ensure and sustain the economic viability of the European brown crab industry through transnational co-operation which will be realised with the following objectives:

Shellfish Cornwall


According to research by Shellfish Cornwall, catching shellfish is one ofthe most sustainable and environmentally friendly ways of fishing. This is due to the fact that crabs and lobsters are caught in static pots that sit on the seabed, no dredging or towing is involved.

Green Fishers


We are also accredited ‘Green Fishers’. The Green Fishers Trust is dedicated to advancing environmentally and socially responsible fisheries and champion positive and inclusive management of commercial fisheries. ‘Green Fishers’ are those in the fishing Industry who develop best practice, often in partnership with environmental, scientific, social and market organization partners

Rowse Fishing


Rowse Fishing Ltd,

Owners of the the Real Cornish Crab Companies four vessels.

The ‘Intuition’ TO40,

The ‘Emma Louise’ TO60,

The ‘Harriet Eve’ TO50,

The ‘Chris Tacha’ PL26,

The Harriet Eve’ T040



ACRUNET (Atlantic Crab Resource Users Network) are aiming to establish an industry quality
standard for brown crab and will take into consideration the handling of the crab and particularly the storage
of the crab.


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