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The Harriet- Eve

The Harriet – Eve T050 she is the most recent addition to our fleet, a 15 meter steel open decked crabbing vessel.  The Harriet Eve was built in 1968 and spent much of her life trawling from the Thames Estuary until she was purchased by Rowse Fishing and converted into a crabber in April 2013.  This vessel is an inshore day vessel and does not stay at sea over night or in bad weather, hence why it is open decked.

The Crew


Mario Perry


Filip Gollubowski

John Storey

Andi Varco

Ian Brookes

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Harriet-Eve Traceable QR Code

Harriet Eve-TO50

Built: 1968

Construction: Steel

Registered Length: 14.8

Tonnage: 28

Gear type: Static- creels, parlour pots and inkwell pots

The catch: Brown crab, Spider crab and European Lobster

Fishing Area: VII

Skipper: Mario Perry

Number of crew: 4