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The Emma-Louise

The Emma-Louise T040, she is the most modern of our fleet, a 16 meter steel, shelter decked vessel, designed for and built by our company in 2012. Emma Louise was specifically designed with emissions and fuel economy in mind, the shape of her hull dramatically reduces  fuel consumption and emissions. This vessel is an
offshore vessel and will spend 3-4 days at sea before landing the catch.

The Crew


 Mario Perry


Ashley Perry

Sandis Lindenbergs

Richard Vitolins

Edgar Vimba

Alex Beinaris

Juris Leipins

Emma - Louise Traceability

Vessels Name: Emma Louise- TO60

Built: 2013

Construction: Steel

Registered Length: 16.4 metres


Gear type: Static- creels, parlour pots and inkwell pots

The catch: Brown crab, Spider crab and European Lobster

Fishing Area: VII

Skipper: Mario Perry

Number of crew: 5