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Our Crab

Complete Traceability from Pot to Platter

The Crab Process

The crab is landed direct from our own vessels in Newlyn harbour to our boiler man who will then drive them the long and arduous three minute journey to the factory.  The crab is stored in the fridge overnight before cooking in the morning. Any dead crab is rejected and disposed of at this stage.
Crabs are stacked in baskets ready to be cooked in our two boilers which can cook up to 250kg per hour.


When the water is boiling a stack of crab is then hoisted and lowered into the boiler, when the crab is brought to the boil the gas level is then reduced to low boil for 20 minutes.  A temperature reading is then made at this point.  The batch number is made with the initial of the boat and by the date of when the crabs are cooked. Traceability is then recorded and noted with a temperature reading of the boiling crabs.

After 20 mins

Minutes the crab is hoisted back out of the boiler and lowered into a clean rack, they will then be moved to a cooling area for 45 minutes and then into the fridge.

When cooled it is then over to our experienced team of crab pickers to remove the meat using only their steady hands and a stainless steel pick. Each of our pickers have their own individual skills, some excel at picking the legs, some the bodies and some the claws, everyone works as a team to produce delicious Real Cornish crab meat.

Crab Processing Gallery


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