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The Real Cornish Crab Company Ltd

Processors of Real Cornish Crab and Lobsters

About the Company

The Real Cornish Crab Company and Rowse Fishing ltd are owned and run by husband and wife team Mark and Emma Rowse. Our fishing business has been trading for a period of 20 years, supplying crab and lobster to both local and international markets.  Mark and his father, Mike Rowse, have fished from Newlyn for a combined period of over 50 years, working fishing ground off of the coast of Lands End, Pendeen, Zennor, Isles of Scilly and the Longships lighthouse.

We Pride Ourselves

On the fact that we catch our crabs & lobsters in a sustainable way, in which has complete traceability.  We can provide details of the vessels from which our fish is landed, the dates caught/ landed and the fishing area in which it was caught.  We have four vessels which purely target crab we can also offer continuity of supply, three of our vessels are shelter decked which means that they can fish safely in weather which smaller, open decked vessels would find impossible.

All of our Real Cornish Crab is traditionally handpicked, meaning that the natural juices of the meat are retained. We pride ourselves in the fact that our crab is completely unique due to the fact that it is caught by our own vessels, giving it complete traceability. All packs of crab meat, dressed crab, crab claws and cooked lobster will be labeled with a QR code which will direct customers to the webpage of the vessel which caught it, giving information on the vessel itself, the Skipper and crew, the type of fishing gear used, the fishing area it was caught in etc. This QR code can also be provided to restaurants to be used on their menus, providing consumers with total traceability.

Our Crab

From Pot to Platter

The crab is landed direct from our own vessels in Newlyn harbour to our boiler man who will then drive them the long and arduous ten minute journey to the factory. The crab is stored in the fridge overnight before cooking in the morning. Any dead crab is rejected and disposed of at this stage.


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